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Above: from left: SDAEYC Secretary: Karen Rieck; SDAEYC Membership Chair, Jodi Butzer accepting for Kailee Fox, 2022 Early Education Student Award; SDAEYC President, Janessa Bixel; Early Education Student Award, Kailee Fox

Right: Kailee Fox, Early Education Student Award winner!

Kailee fox 2022.jpg
Nicole Weiss 2022.jpg

Left: SDAEYC President, Janessa Bixel;  2022 Professional Service Award winner, Nicole Weiss; SDAEYC Secretary: Karen Rieck

Left: SDAEYC President, Janessa Bixel;  2022 1st Year Teacher Award winner, Marla Shaw; SDAEYC Secretary: Karen Rieck

Marla Shaw 2022.jpg

Professional development and the recognition of excellence are of critical importance to the South Dakota Association for the Education of Young Children (SDAEYC).  The SDAEYC awards celebrate those dedicated to the field of early childhood education and acknowledge dedicated professionals whose work impacts the quality of care and early education for young children in inclusive settings and their families. 

The Awards Committee is seeking nominations for four honorary awards to be given at the annual SDAEYC Conference. Evidence of philosophy and activities should be presented in the description of outstanding service and in the letter of support from peers and/or students. 

Nominations are now closed...

award winners will be announced at our

2023 SD ECE Conference!



Past Service Award Recipients

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